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R3 Services - It's In Our Name

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01.  Aircraft Acquistion

We secure your ideal aircraft quickly and efficiently while you monitor from altitude.

02.  Full Service Aircraft Sales

Broker services offering speedy and professional handling of the entire aircraft sale.

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03.  Aviation Consultation

This is the crucial first step in the sales and acquisition process


 My experience in the aviation industry allows me to provide invaluable services to clients looking to buy or sell aircraft. My extensive knowledge of different aircraft models, their performance characteristics, and market trends helps me guide you in making informed decisions. I am an expert in finding, negotiating, and closing deals if you are buying or selling ranging from single-engine pistons to multi-engine jets. I will ensure you have a professional experience from the start to closing the hangar door.

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See what we can do for you

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"I met Nick randomly vacationing in Nashville after visiting his local airport. I told him I was interested in a SR 22. Before I was home he had narrowed down a list of three potential candidates. After doing some research on these they just didn’t fit the bill. He then located an off market one in California in which I flew there to inspect myself. After I gave the go ahead he lined up a pre buy within 10 minute flight of aircraft position and after everything checked out the plane was at my home my homebase two weeks later. He then arranged transition training through Cirrus and I just completed that. If you are looking for a good plane contact him as he has access to a network across the country in used aircraft."

- Jason B. -

We Look Forward To Hearing From You & Safe Travels

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