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Aviation Consultation

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Navigating the wide selection of aircraft available and pinpointing the perfect fit for you and your family can be more challenging than it appears. Our consultation process is designed to tackle this issue head-on. During our meeting, we establish the range of aircraft that piques your interest. We delve into your long-term objectives, budget constraints, and most crucially, your mission. This discussion serves as our compass as we search for and negotiate on your behalf. Our consultation services extend beyond aircraft selection to cover various other topics, including but not limited to:

Aircraft Partnerships
Aircraft Ownership
Aircraft Management
Aircraft Financing
Aircraft Insurance
Aviation Careers & Job Opportunity
Pilot Services

The R3 Aviation Process




Experience a complimentary meeting, conducted either in person or virtually, where you'll connect with a seasoned professional. This thorough consultation is tailored to your specific goals at no cost to you. We cover a broad spectrum of topics, from partnerships to financing and everything in between. By the end of our session, all parties will have a clear understanding and direction for the next steps to take




This crucial step can often be the key to success for both buyers and sellers. While many come prepared to enter aircraft ownership, my extensive experience adds a valuable layer of insight to the conversation. By choosing me as your expert, you gain access to years of expertise and alternative perspectives that can greatly enhance your journey towards achieving your aviation goals.




Our clients often leave this meeting with a newfound perspective. They possess a clear understanding of the actionable steps required to advance towards their goals. With R3 Aviation as your partner, you can move confidently knowing we are there monitoring your progress. We look forward to working together towards your objectives!

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"I met Nick randomly vacationing in Nashville after visiting his local airport. I told him I was interested in a SR 22. Before I was home he had narrowed down a list of three potential candidates. After doing some research on these they just didn’t fit the bill. He then located an off market one in California in which I flew there to inspect myself. After I gave the go ahead he lined up a pre buy within 10 minute flight of aircraft position and after everything checked out the plane was at my home my homebase two weeks later. He then arranged transition training through Cirrus and I just completed that. If you are looking for a good plane contact him as he has access to a network across the country in used aircraft."

- Jason B. -

We Look Forward To Hearing From You & Safe Travels

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